Ministry is Booming!!!

WOW…we had an amazing Christmas here at Flamingo Road Church and now only two weekends out from that we are STILL having some amazing numbers. Last weekend was “statistically supposed to be a low attended weekend”, but it wasn’t low, it was lower than normal, but it certainly wasn’t low…and now here it is weekend #1 of the new year and we already bounced back up to 400.

Can you believe that? Walk with me here…this May will be my 4th year here as paid staff, I have been at FRC since about 1998, been volunteering since 2000, and came on staff in May 2003. When I first took over the Preschool Ministry we celebrated our highest preschool weekend with a grand total of 99! I gotta tell ya, we were all pretty excited about that number back then…but as the church has grown so has the ministry (and so it should).

When I look back at my life and what God has allowed me to do I have to pick my mouth up off the floor…I would have never pictured me leading the Preschool Ministry, I would have never pictured my husband leaving a very lucrative job in the secular market, and then become a Pastor, I would have never imagined so many of the blessings that HE has brought into my life…but then again…it’s ALL about Him and so not about me.

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  1. OK, are you happy now? I read your blog tonight after putting the kids to bed.
    Very nice.
    Can’t say I’m gonna stalk you everyday, but it’s nice to peek into your passionate and compassionate heart–I learned some things reading about you. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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