Are you practicing greatness?

I am reading a phenomenal book right now called…”Practicing Greatness”, by Reggie McNeal. I started it about 2 weeks ago and have been completely “highlighter happy” with this book.
Have you ever been around “truly great people”? I have!!! There are those people who walk into your life and just change it just by being there.

Right on page 1 of the book there is a quote from Elton Trueblood that says, “Deliberate mediocrity is a sin.”…OUCH!!! Right from the get go this book grabs ahold of you and takes you on an adventure to greatness.

The cool thing is that I get to see “greatness” in action each and every weekend at Flamingo Road Church. Are we perfect?, No…there is only ONE who is perfect. Do we have it all figured out?, No…but we are learning, growing, and trying each and every day. Do we always “hit the mark”?, No…but there are times when we are in the zone and this weekend was one of them.

We have such an amazing staff and team of volunteers at FRC that truly aspire to reach greatness…not for ourselves, but all for Him. We have a BIG job ahead of us…South Florida is so lost…but with tons of volunteers, an amazing staff, and a good leader, we are well on our way to Practicing Greatness!