Stress – Do you crack under pressure?

STRESS!!! It seems there is a lot to be said about stress…think about it, we have all heard that “stress will kill you”, and “stressed is desserts spelled backwards”. But really…how do you handle stress?

Are you one of those that cracks under pressure? Do you thrive in stressful environments? Do you need stress to get motivated?

I have been thinking a lot about stress…not in a bad way, because I don’t believe that all stress is bad, but I believe that everyone can reach their “cracked” point. This picture reminds me that everyone can get to the place where they are so dry and depleted that they just crack. What is it for you that keeps you refreshed?

I have been spending the last couple of months reading through the Psalms and the promises that are in those words. I firmly believe that everyone has a tendency to dry out…but with God’s refreshment found in His Word we can all be renewed and restored. I need a quiet relaxing place to have a cup of coffee (went back to regular today, sorry JS!!!), sit in a big comfy chair, and read my books and my Bible.