Pedicure Party!

Last night I had a goofy night out with some of the girls that work with me. It was one of the “young ones” Birthday and she wanted to have a PEDICURE PARTY! I have never really thought about this concept before and thought it might be a great way to get to know everyone better. I have to tell you…at about 5pm I started to make all kinds of excuses as to why I couldn’t go…my son was sick, I worked late that day, I was tired, the house was a mess, and Friday is our “Family Night”…but at about 6pm I felt God nudging me to just go ahead and go. I talked to my husband and he was like, “sure, why not go ahead and go”. Well that was all it took and I was out the door.

I ended up having an AWESOME time…the Birthday girl was shocked when I showed up, I got a chance to get pampered AND connect with some really cool people. Sometimes we all just need that hour to “pamper” ourselves, get away from it all, and really just hang out with some cool friends. Happy Birthday Ansley!