You’ve Gotta Friend In Me

1. a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.

friend – did you know that the Bible mentions the word “friend” 172 times?
When I think of the word “friend” I think of the song from the movie “TOY STORY”…”you’ve gotta friend in me, you’ve gotta friend in me…” I LOVE that movie and love that song! Did you know that we were created to have friends? It’s true…you and I are “hardwired” to have friends. Some of us may have tons of friends and others may only have one or two, but if you even have ONE friend you are considered Blessed!
The cool thing about that is that we ALL have atleast one friend…and that’s Jesus. He’s our friend when we’ve been unfriendly, or when we’ve made a mistake. He’s the friend who never judges us or abandons us. Let’s face it…we’ve all have had the “fair weather friends”…but Jesus will NEVER leave you or abandon you…so if you are feeling low and a little lonely…call out to the one TRUE Friend who is always there for you.