Easter is coming…

Treasured Team,

Easter is coming quickly and we wanted to let you know about the services and the opportunities for you to bring your friends and family with you to enjoy the Easter Experience here at Flamingo Road Church. There are many exciting things that we are planning for RIGHT NOW, but as we plan we also need you to be aware that we are going to be calling on you to stand in the gap with us so we can be prepared for the bounty of people that God WILL (notice I didn’t say might, but WILL) bring to us.

We are expecting anywhere from 800-1000 Preschoolers (can you believe that?) and with 8 services at the Cooper City Campus we will have spots open for about 35 volunteers at each service. With 8 services and 35 volunteers at each service that means we have 280 spots to fill…start praying RIGHT NOW about which services (notice I made that plural…ha!) that you and your family would like to make a difference in. (This is a terrific opportunity for you to ask your spouse and family members to roll up their sleeves and serve with you…everyone can try it once!)

You can email Janet Campen at janet.campen@flamingoroad.org and let her know which services you will be serving at. Pray hard and JUMP! right in…you will never regret doing it. I have attached Today’s Quote from Belief.net at the bottom of this to help us remember that we might not see the rewards of our service right now, but they can and do make a difference.

Today’s Quote
Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.
-Warren Buffet

Have an awesome, God filled day! ~ Melissa