Hit the wall

(Check out the guy in the black uniform)

Have you ever felt like you were huming along, trying to do your best, then BAM!!! Out of the blue you hit the wall??? That is exactly what happened to me today…I have felt that there was this “cold thing” looming, trying to get me, and then suddenly this morning I just couldn’t fight against it anymore. I crashed, I hit the wall, and the sickness won.

I just hate that…it irks me to no end to be “idle”…God didn’t wire me not to be “online”, meeting with people, planning things out, etc…but today that is exactly what happened…I logged off, and although I feel a disconnect, I know that I needed to (and probably still need to) rest. God has a funny way of trying to get your attention, doesn’t he? Sometimes he will whisper in your ear “It’s time to slow down some”, but if we don’t listen to him then he hits us with a 2×4 and says, “I tried to tell you to rest…didn’t I?” 😉 Funny how we can be so stubborn…

So, now I am resting, waiting for the yuckiness to go away, missing the ability to think clearly (something happens when you are sick..your brain just about stops working…or is that just me?), and trying to see what I am meant to learn from this.