Here are some more random thoughts, tidbits, nuggets, and jewels from the Women of Faith Amazing Freedom 2007 conference.

Patsy Clairmont (who is a hoot!)
Keep dancing…(like the song, “I hope you dance”)

1) Live Lively
2) Love Lavishly
3) Forgive Frequently

Live Lively
* To live lively you have to step out of your comfort zone.
* Step out of your “safe place” and trust God with more than you’ve ever trusted in Him before.

Love Lavishly
* Don’t be selective with your love…Christ loves us lavishly so that we can lavishly love others.

Forgive Frequently
* It matters WHAT kids hear not necessarily what you SAY.
* Own it and ask for forgiveness for it, and then don’t hold on to it anymore.