My Kids Left…

The kids have officially left town for their summer vacation with the grandparents.

On Tuesday at 6:30am they packed up the car (grammy and grampy had to buy a new car to fit it all…yeah right, I think they just wanted a new car!) and headed North to the great state of Kentucky!!! They are stopping along the way to visit Stone Mountain, Lookout Mountain, and they are going to SEE RUBY FALLS. What a great road trip for them and for my parents. What a blessing it is to have such a great family.

This weekend is my grandmother’s 85th birthday, so actually Matt & I are heading out today for a quick plane trip up to KY to surprise Grandma with a visit for her birthday! It will be neat to get back to the “back country” and visit with family…there are a little over 100 of us on my mom’s side (yep…I said 100), so it should be a day filled with lots of people and lots of celebrating! Pray for the kids as they go on their summer vacation, and for Matt & I as we fly out today, and for us as we are separated from the kids for 17 days (that is a really long time for us moms!)