Planes, Planes, and the Charlotte, NC airport

One Weekend, Four Plane Rides, 2 Lost Suitcases, 3 Days in the Charlotte, NC airport = ONE LONG WEEKEND!!!

Friday we headed out from Ft. Lauderdale airport to go to my grandmother’s house in Kentucky for her 85th birthday. Little did we know that this weekend was truly going to be an exercise in patience (and the good Lord knows that I am not good with that).

We were stranded in Charlotte for the night due to flight connection issues (we missed our flight because our flight was


We were stuck, stranded, and left in the Charlotte, NC airport. We went through all the hoops and ended up with one of the last remaining hotels in the area…without our luggage…they wouldn’t release our luggage due to the fact that they couldn’t get to it.

We flew out Saturday morning and landed in Louisville in plenty of time for us to crash for 2 hours before getting ready for Grandma’s party. (Will have more on that in the next post)

Got back on the plane Sunday morning, had a monster long lay over in Charlotte, NC AGAIN, and arrived back in South Florida, tired, cranky, and ready to get out of the Charlotte area (no offense, but three days in the airport is enough for now).

Glad to be home…can’t wait to share with you about the party!!!