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Here is a picture of my wonderful grandma…Saturday was her 85th birthday and we flew up to Kentucky (see earlier posts about the nightmare we had in Charlotte, NC…do ya think that’s from hanging out with Pastor Troy and all his travel tragedies?) to surprise her.
Needless to say she was shocked…floored…and overcome with emotion. She cried, I cried, she prayed, and I Thanked God for her. We went out to my uncle’s farm and had a good ole backyard BBQ with the ATV’s in sight, horses wandering around, a trampoline, and lots of cousins, aunts, uncles, family members, and even the County Judge (she is a friend of the family) there to celebrate the impact of this one woman!
It never ceases to amaze me…the difference ONE person can make!
My grandma was a single mom before it became some what normal…my grandfather died when my mom was 9 years old leaving my grandmother a single mom to 8 kids. She had three jobs to keep the family going and never remarried…I asked her once about that and she said “What man would want to marry a woman with 8 kids?”…she was half joking, but half serious…This one woman had 8 kids, one died in a horrible car accident his senior year of high school…18 grandkids (that’s where I fit in)…40 something greatgrandkids, and even about 10 great great grandkids (I did mention that we are from Kentucky…right?). There are over 100+ of us on this side of my family, and even though I might not see them very often, might not have a whole lot in common with them anymore, there is one thing that we all

(I realize that I am extremely blessed to still have my grandmother around…I also realize that some of you reading this might not…my prayer is that the celebration of this ONE WOMAN’s life will inspire you to realize that you too can be that ONE WOMAN in someone else’s life. God Speed.)

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  1. Wow Melissa! What a family! Your grandmother is a true testimony of the incredible strength the Lord has given each of us. By the way, your grandmother looks amazing!

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