A Model to be followed…Moses
(from the Maxwell Leadership Bible)

In my quiet time this morning I came across this golden nugget and just HAD to share it with you. You see I have a passion to grow, teach, lead, and develop LEADERS around us…so this is right up my alley….and I am praying it is something for you as well.

“People do what people see”

1) Separate yourself regularly
2) Seek God with all your heart
3) Risk being watched and scrutinized
4) Learn to listen and obey God’s voice
5) Enter covenant partnership with God

Do you take the time to do the things listed above? What could you do TODAY to help you grow as the leader that God created you to be?

Take some time right now and let me know which of the 5 things above that you struggle with the most?


  1. 1)Huh?, Not sure what that means.

    2)Still learning about that one. I’m not to bright.

    3)I struggle a lot with being watched and scrutinized. Maybe because I’m new at all this and my world is still centered around ME. I see others through my eyes and my experiences mostly, instead of His. So, I assume others are doing the same with me.

    4)I started a blog this week, thats a step in the right direction. Still struggling with cigarettes and studying. Giving some thought to the idea of surrender.

    5) I think I have entered a covenant partnership with God, actually haven’t thought about it much.

  2. Hey Mel,
    I can honestly say that the hardest one for me to deal with is #3. Risk being watched and scrutinized.
    I have such a difficult time taking any kind of criticism from anyone. I always feel like I’m being attacked instead of seeing it as help. I guess I should #2. Seek God with all my heart on this one….


  3. Mel, Definitely, been watched and scrutinized. It is hard not to react to the comments of others. It is difficult to always remember that we all play to an audience of ONE, and that my friend is Christ alone.

    Ivy 🙂

  4. Ivy,
    It’s hard to be watched and scrutinized…but as a Christ follower everyone is watching you to see how you are different…it’s not easy, but it is definately more fulfilling.

  5. Samantha,

    Criticism in and of itself is HARD…not one person I know likes it, but when it is done with truth and love at least you can take the information and grow with it. I have felt the burden of “being attacked” both spiritually and with people who I thought were friends…and in the end I always was able to walk away with something I could use to be a better person (even though I still didn’t like it).

  6. Remedios,

    I see #1 as a way to step away from the trends that society has for people today. To do whatever pleases them, to be very self focused…but I also see it as a way to step away from the running of your every day life and be alone with God.

    You are taking steps on a great journey friend and each and every day provides you with an opportunity to grow and know HIM more…congratulations!!!


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