Coming Home

I can hardly stand it…tomorrow morning the kids make the 12 hour trip home from Alabama to South Florida. They moved the trip up 2 days, THANK YOU LORD!!!, due to some scheduling stuff with my in-laws (thank you thank you thank you!).

I am not a super mushy gushy type of chick…I am touchy feely (and yes, there is a difference), but I am not super emotional (unless you count the caffeine rush I get two to three times a day)…BUT, at this point I am about ready to jump out of my skin because I can NOT wait for them to get home.

Please do me a HUGE favor…all of you who pop on to see what’s going on in Mel’s World…could you please pray for their safety? Right now…would you join me in a prayer similiar to this…

Father God, we commit these kids and their trip home to you. We ask for you to protect them, guide them, guard them, and bring them home safely to their parents. We ask you Father to give them safe travel and a great trip home. Thank you Father for how you love us and our families…in Jesus Name, Amen.

Thank you to everyone who has been and will be praying for them…you’ll never know how much I appreciate it! ~Melissa