Membership Staff Dinner

Tonight we are going out to celebrate the new team that God has brought together in the Membership ministry at Flamingo Road Church.

We are going to eat at the Pope Table (which I have added a photo below) tonight…(I heard it was cool…but now, looking at the photo…just seems weird!)

It is so neat to see how God has orchestrated this team…just three months ago we were all doing completely different things, and now we are all serving on ONE team, with ONE purpose…”helping people reach their God Potential”. How cool is that?

Membership has so many facets to it…we handle the church membership (for all campuses), baptisms (on campus and at the beach), and also Small Groups (which we are in the process of preparing for an all church alignment in the Fall).

My goal for tonight is team unity, for community, for bonding, for each of us to really get to know one another outside of the walls of the church. We do life together, do ministry together, and spend a whole bunch of time together…so why not step away and enjoy it! 😉


  1. Well, I hope you’ll have an amazing meeting tonight… and is the baby steps for the next stage at your ministry! Great way to go!

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