Buca Moments…

We had such an AWESOME time at Buca Tuesday night with the Membership Staff Team!!! It was off to a rocky start because the people at the POPE table before us ran late…so we waited, waited, and waited in the lobby for them to HURRY up and leave (what’s the point of a reservation if it doesn’t work?) So…we did what we could to pass the time…we talked, laughed, giggled, made fun of, and just about whatever else we could. My husband even put on his “waiter” hat and greeted patrons as they came and left the lobby. (It was hysterical…people do the whip around double take when someone says HELLO, Thanks for coming!)

Dinner was AMAZING…so much food, so little time! Ha! Here is a picture of us at the Pope Table (it was a little freaky having the Pope watch you eat).

It was a great opportunity for us to grow, to laugh, and to get to know each other better. For some of the spouses it was the FIRST time that they got to meet the rest of the team…we had two empty chairs there for our friends, Jerome and Aretha Hammonds (Aretha went into the hospital for 5 days and was just released the day of our dinner…she is doing MUCH BETTER now…Praise God!)

Dinner…great food…great people…great coversations…and off the wall dessert…check this out!

And…the cherry on top was the phone call that our kids made it home!!! What a great way to end a great night!