FRC Doral

Today Matt & I took a drive down south to visit the Flamingo Road Church (FRC) Doral Campus. We didn’t tell the Doral team that we were going and it was kinda nice to be able to just show up and check things out.

I have to tell you…I generally don’t cross the Dade-Broward line (I moved from rural KY…remember the pictures, to Hialeah when I was in 10th grade), so it is always fun to get out of our 10 mile every day radius. (You know what I am talking about…you do it too!)

We were so pleasantly surprised to see how warm and friendly the greeters were, how inviting the lobby was, and how there was such a sense of community among the team and congregation at this campus. Hats off to Pastor Igor and Grecy for making it such an environment where everyone truly feels welcome!!!

Big time kudos to the worship team…you guys knocked my socks off!!! Great worship!!!

It is so cool to get out and get to know the other campuses, leaders, and community…we really are ONE CHURCH WHERE YOU ARE!!!