Vacation – Day 1

We had an unbelievable day yesterday!!! Thank you all for your prayers….we had absolutely NO problems with TSA (we had Nick’s medical supplies with us), our flight was smooth and uneventful (always a plus), and we even landed a little early giving us a little extra cushion for our 35 minute layover in Houston (Go God!) Your prayers made the difference…I KNOW IT!

Here are some pictures of what we did yesterday…
Picture #1 – Montezuma’s Castle (very very cool to see but holy moly it was HOT outside!)

Picture #2 – the beautiful scenery on our way to Sedona, AZ…amazing!

Picture #3 – Look at this neat church built into the rocks in Sedona
Picture #4 – Here are the kids (posing) at the bottom of the stairs at the church above.
Today we are off to the GRAND CANYON…I can’t wait to see the kids faces when we get there!


  1. Hey There…thanks for the tip!!! I have completely noticed that it is harder to breathe up here and that it doesn’t take a lot to get winded. Strange, but I guess when you are used to living at SEA level things are going to “feel” different at 7000ft.! 😉

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