Day #4 – Route 66 & Hoover Dam

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Friday morning we packed up the rental car and left Flagstaff (which, by the way is absolutely beautiful). We had lunch in a quaint little town called Williams, AZ which is right off Route 66. (It was sort of like being in the restaurant in the movie HOPE FLOATS).

We drove down Route 66 for about 75 miles. We saw 4 little towns, and only two of them looked like people actually lived there…it was defintely an adventure. After we got off of Route 66 we had to hop on another highway to get over to Las Vegas. As we were driving down this road I saw a tiny little sign that said last gas for 75 miles…well…guess what??? we only had 1/4 of a tank left and we weren’t sure if we could make it…nothing worse than being in the dessert and the possibility of running out of gas. We pulled off the road and followed the signs to a tiny little town called Chloride (see picture below).

We then had the chance to cross over the Hoover Dam…AMAZING!!!! See the pictures below of the Dam…what a cool (well…nothing is really COOL in 105 degree weather) thing to see.