Day #5 – Pool and Vegas Strip at Night

Yesterday the vacation finally hit us…we all crashed and slept for almost 12 hours…I guess the time change and traveling, the elevation, the heat, and all of it finally caught up with us.

When we all finally got the sleepies out of our eyes we headed down to the pool for some down time, sun, reading, and relaxing…drats! The heat…forgot about that…it was a nice warm 108 degrees at the pool…it truly is like sticking your whole body in a dryer…seriously HOT is more like it!

Early in the night we headed out for a walk along the Vegas Strip…a little scary at first, but we started to get the swing of things. We popped in to Circus Circus to check things out…needless to say the kids were pretty excited about that stop…we had to practically drag them out of there. Then we stopped at a mall for a quick bite of dinner, and then off to Treasure Island. We missed the Pirates show, but then we jumped over to the Venetian…absolutely GORGEOUS!!! WOW…what a place…the kids were even impressed. After that we walked over to the Mirage…still 20 minutes to go before the volcano explodes, and it is still 103 degress outside…so in we go…we walked around inside and finally realized it has been 3 hours of walking around in the heat and we are BEAT!!! We finally landed a taxi (that wasn’t exactly easy) and came back to our place…getting back never felt so good! 😉


  1. Sure wish I was there too! Say hello to my old stomping grounds and wave at my friends. If you get the chance, you should drive out to Red Rock Canyon, one of my favorite places to go chill and enjoy some incredible scenery — watch out for the tarantulas! See you when you get back! Have a GREAT time until then!

  2. Hey Charlotte…that HAS to be you!!! We thought about you today as we went to the top of the Stratosphere and looked out at Red Rock Canyon! Thanks for the well wishes!

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