My church is getting naked, and so is my pastor! No…not that kind of naked, a new kind of naked. A revolutionary kind of naked. A nakedness that has no shame; a nakedness that would make God smile. Beginning Sept. 9 at 8pm, our church is putting our pastor on a 24-hr webcam. We are going to see him in his fishbowl – the good, the bad, the great, the ugly – for FIVE weeks. Not too exalt him, but to realize, thru him & with him, that we’re all fish in a bowl. Which simply means the more transparent (naked) we get, the more permeating Jesus Christ can be. We aren’t called to be children in hiding, concealment, or shame. God has called us by name, we are His, and we are to be naked and unashamed in HIS light for HIS glory. So, get ready, ’cause on Sept. 9, Flamingo’s going in a bowl.