Video Shoot Details

Ok…here’s the deal…when I wrote about the Video Shoot I neglected to tell you WHY we were at the Miami Seaquarium doing a video for church. You see…we are doing a really stinkin’ awesome series this fall called – Life in a Fish Bowl.

My awesome responsiblity in this series is to help align the entire church body, from the weekend, to the small groups, to preschool, children’s, students, college, multi-cultural, etc…all together so we can all grow and learn and be in alignment with each other. WOW!!! How cool is that?

The video shoot is for us to make Small Group DVD’s that coordinate with the weekend message…fun, right? The topics are real…they are relevant…they are things that every day people (real people) can relate to if they just take the time to get naked (real) with each other.

I can’t wait to see what God does through this series, through this church, and through our pastor. Go online to the Flamingo Road Church web site TODAY and check out some of the “sneak peeks”.

Oh…for some funny stories from the day at Miami Seaquarium check out Brian Vasil’s blog…you will laugh out loud!