Pete’s in Heaven

When I got up this morning I had a text message that simply said, “Pete’s in Heaven”. You see, Pete has been battling cancer for awhile now, and the message was clear, short, and direct…he is HOME with Jesus now.

The Pete I am talking about is Pete Guyon…he has been a faithful servant at Flamingo Road Church for many years now. He had a great big heart for Students, particularly Middle School, and he served with all his heart and soul. He has an amazingly beautiful wife (Holly) who serves God with a heart of Gold as well.

Pete has had a big impact on my family as well as the students…when my son Nick was in the hospital 2 years ago (wow…it really seems like it was yesterday)…Pete would come visit with Nick, talk to him, pray with him, and share with him what Big plans God must have for Nick’s life to take him on that kind of journey. WOW…what a guy!

Please join me in prayer today for Pete’s family and especially for Holly…Pete’s in heaven, and we know that he is whole, happy, and healthy there…we will celebrate his life and the legacy he has made in so many lives in the next couple of days.