Middle School Camp

Today the kids got back from Middle School camp, put on by Young Life (I think?), up in the beautiful area of Ocala, FL. They left Monday morning full of excitement, expectations, and anticipation…you see, for my oldest son, Nick, this was his last Middle School camp, and for my youngest son, Bailey, this was his first camp as a Middle School student…so, needless to say they both were pretty stoked!

In yesterday’s post I mentioned that a great man (Pete Guyon) had gone home to heaven…you see, Pete was a die hard Middle School leader, and there was nothing that thrilled him more than watching kids connect with Christ at camp. Here’s some of the cool stuff that Pete missed, but was such a BIG part of this week…32 kids stood up to accept Christ, and 27 signed up to get baptized. On Thursday the news traveled around the camp that Pete had passed and the kids, volunteers, and staff had to try to swallow the news and yet still go forward with the mission of the camp. Well…they did!!!

When the kids pulled into the church parking lot we (the Membership Team) were ready for them, with the baptistery ready, fresh towels, a change of clothes, and lots of praise and worship music. Today 26 kids walked off that bus, changed clothes, hugged their parents, then stepped into the water and were baptized…man…I just love being a part of that…it was so amazing to watch, so sweet to see God honored, and a fitting way to close out a super emotional week.

My kids are home (thank God), and they have already crashed out on the couch…I wouldn’t change it for the world. God is good, and He was there this week with the Middle School camp!
Well Done Student Ministry Team, Well Done! ~Melissa


  1. Just wanted to say that the camp was on a Younglife property that we used while we were there. FRC does there own camp theme, programing, and execution. Younglife does great camps though.

  2. Thanks Chad…I wasn’t certain…I am sure that whatever you guys did was as good if not better than what they have to offer. Thanks for investing in our kids these last two weeks.

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