Ha! This picture may be humorous, but what I witnessed Tuesday afternoon was NOT humorous at all…(WARNING…this is a long one)

I had taken Nick on Monday to get his braces off (yeah…3 years!), and we had to go back on Tuesday afternoon to pickup his retainers…what happened when we walked up to the orthodontist’s office door is something I will not forget. Nick & I were talking and walking up to the door and we were greeted by the screeching and yelling of this mom to her 15 year old boy. I thought to myself…hum, must be having a bad moment (we’ve all been there at one point or another), but what I quickly realized was that this was not a bad moment, but just a bad bunch of moments…

The mom was yelling, and screaming at this boy, all the while he was trying to be near her. She scowled at him and told him to go back into the doctor’s office…Nick & I were already in the office at this point, and my heart was already starting to ache for this boy. The mom then came into the office and took out her frustrations on the ladies in the office, and then stormed back outside. The boy, slightly embarrassed, walked back outside to be near her, and she screamed at him again to go back in the office.

I should have known it was coming, and it is just like God…but as I sat there I grew more and more uncomfortable, and my heart started to break…for this 15 year old boy, Lord knows he battles enough being a teenager, but to have to deal with this was almost too much to bear. Don’t you know when he came back in the office he came over and sat right next to me…I was working at the only table in the office (brought my laptop…Queen of Multi-tasking). He looked at me, I smiled (heart breaking inside), he commented on my laptop, said he had one like it at home. Mom came back in and sat near us scowling at me and at him…her knee was bobbing, and she was fuming. She kept telling him not to bother me, but I kept on talking to him. She got up, stormed outside, and he followed after her…and then they were gone.

Oh, man, my heart was hurting, it was breaking…I did the only thing I could at that moment…I prayed…and prayed, and prayed some more. I can only imagine what the boy must go through at home if he was ridiculed like that in public…hear me on this…I am NOT judging the mom…it’s totally not up to me to judge her, but it really made me think.

And here we are…4 days later, and I am still thinking about it…I don’t have a challenge, I don’t have a joke at the end, all I have is that moment, and I wanted to share it…