First Day of School

Well…there you have it…I am getting older each and everyday (which is a fact anyways…but it is so hard to accept, isn’t it?).
Today, my youngest son, Bailey, started Middle School (6th grade) and my oldest son, Nick, started his 8th grade year. I am so stinkin’ excited for BOTH of them…I know in my heart that this is going to be an amazing year for them, but it didn’t keep me (or them) from having the first day jitters.
I prayed with each of them last night, and again this morning before we pulled out of the driveway…my prayer is simple, but to the point…”protect them, guide them, guard them…help them to do the right thing even if it is the hard thing, help them stand firm in the face of temptations (and in middle school there are a lot of them), and help them be the leaders that you (meaning God) made them to be.”
God is so good..they both had a GREAT day….thank you Jesus…I am praying for my kids, your kids, and all the kids that started school day…I pray it is a great day for them all! 😉


  1. it’s so hard letting them go at this age. you just pray that everything that i have learned at home and all the influence and guidance we’ve offered will be put into play. remember God has assigned his children their own angels – that’s a great comfort!

    so how was their first day?

  2. Hey Tam,

    I am so glad you popped on here…how are you? The boys had a great time…check out today’s post for more info on it.

    What about your family? How is everyone?


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