Homework for MOM???!?!?!?!

Well…many of you have asked me how it went for the boys at school so far, and all I have to say is YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! They absolutely LOVE it, Thank God!!!

Bailey, the 6th grader, came home all excited and happy…wow, what a blessing that is…and Nick, my 8th grader, is loving the fact that he is the “oldest” in the school this year. (I remember very well that feeling…8th grade was a great year for me too!)

Get this…BOTH my kids came home with folders full of papers for ME (not dad…don’t even get me started) to fill out. Code of Conduct, Book forms, Classroom Rules, PE Clothes, you name it and they brought it home. I stayed up until almost 11:30pm Monday night filling out all the stupid (I know, I shouldn’t say stupid, but come on…that’s a lot for the 1st day, don’t you think?) papers. I did it though, and they were all signed, dated, and ready to go for the kids on Tuesday morning.

As I was looking through some of the forms before I filed them away (yep…I am the mom that actually keeps those forms in a file at home…scary, I know) I found one of them that was actually addressed to “DEAR PARENTS”…(that is NEVER a good sign). It said that we (the parents) needed to write a paper of a “million words or less” about our child.

What’s that about???? Homework for MOM?!?!?!?! Did you have to do homework at your house, or was it just me?