They Say I’m Extreme

I know I mentioned that I am reading the book, “The Big Moo, The Group of 33” by Seth Goodin and friends, but last night I sat in the game room while my kids played pool and read this amazing story, article, whatever it is, but it is in the book and I am totally going to paraphrase, but this totally ROCKS!!!

I am not exactly sure who exactly wrote this particular entry in the book, but its words resonated with me in such a way that I felt like it was inspired. I pray that bits and pieces of it hit home for you too.

Keep in mind…I did not copy the entire thing, it is too long, but I pulled out the parts that I loved…I will use a “…” to show where I am missing parts from the original writing.

They say I’m extreme.
I say I’m a realist.

They say I demand too much.
I say they accept mediocrity and continuous improvement too readily.

They say the Web is a useful too.
I say the Web changes everything. Now.

They say, “We need an initiative”.
I say, “We need a dream. And dreamers.”

They say, “Plan it.”
I say, “DO it.”

They say, “We need Good People.”
I say, “We need Quirky Talent.”

They say, “Sure, we need change.”
I say we need a revolution now.

They say, “Fast follower.”
I say, “Battered and bruised leader.”

They say, “Normal.”
I say, “Weird.”

They say, “Happy balance.”
I say, “Creative tension.”

They say, “It’s daunting.”
I say it’s a “hoot.”

They say, “Radical change takes a decade.”
I say, “Radical change takes a minute.”

They say, “Times are a changing.”
I say, “Everything has already changed. Tomorrow is the first day of your revolution…or you’re toast.”

They say this is just a rant.
I say this is just reality.