Another Mashburn Vacation Injury

Well…you had to know it would happen AGAIN!!! Here we are trying to enjoy sunny Orlando for a quick family get-away, and don’t you know…another Mashburn Vacation Injury occurs.

This time it was Bailey…and not only did he get hurt once, he actually got hurt twice…poor baby! ;( The first time he stepped on his goggles and made a gash in the bottom of his right foot. Not too bad, but then about 2 hours later he comes into the condo screaming and crying and all I can think is…”Oh My Lord…what is it?”. Poor thing came over and showed me his hand and his middle finger is swollen up like a hot dog.

Apparently Nick and Bailey were working out in the gym (they are a pre-teen and a teenager…so working out happens) and Bailey went to change the weights and got his finger smashed under a 40 lb. weight. My dear husband, Matt, has a picture of it on his Blog, so check it out.

Oh well…he is doing better now, the finger is black, blue, and purple…and there is a good chance he might loose his finger nail (didn’t tell him that part)…but he was doing better enough to play a game of pool a little while ago. 😉 Maybe we should take out extra insurance on the family when we go on vacation………………….hum, not a bad idea with our track record!

Sometimes, you just gotta laugh!