Friday Coffee Friends – Warrior Chicks Chapter 1

Friday Coffee Friends Book Group

Just a reminder that we will be meeting tomorrow to discuss Chapter 1 (Bellisima!) of Warrior Chicks!

As of right now there are about 19 of you (that I know of) that are buying the book and going on this 11 week journey with us!
We will be meeting at Starbuck’s on Friday’s at 9am, and then when I get back from our meeting I will post online some of the group comments from the morning, and those of you who are joining us online can post your comments, thoughts, inspirations, etc. online as well! Keep your eyes and ears open for other chicks that you could invite that would like to be a part of this group!

It is going to be a great adventure and I can’t wait to see how God works through this! WARRIOR CHICKS unite! There is still time to pick up the book online…you can order directly from the author at her web site or at…either way, don’t miss out!

Here is a teaser from the “introduction”

There is a verse in Proverbs 31 that used to annoy me.

It said that I had to rise “while it is yet night.” What?

I do my best sleeping while it is “yet night,” don’t you?

But I found out that verse has more to say that just the time of day you get up. It has everything to do with being a woman who “rises” in the midst of hard times. When darkness and chaos abound, the woman, the warrior-you-rise.

I think our world is looking and waiting for a company of people who will rise in the midst of hard times. It would be so much easier to sit, to give in, to give up.
I know.

We have all felt like that.

We can’t make the mistake of thinking that we are living in peacetime.

We are not civilians.

We are either a casualty or a warrior.


But how about it together, we decide to be those women who rise?

I will if you will.

~from Holly Wagner’s book WARRIOR CHICKS


  1. Natalia…

    I just popped over to your BLOG to say how excited I am about you jumping on and carrying this to MORE people!

    How cool is that? How GREAT is God!!! I can’t wait to watch God do miracles through this…


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