Sand, Surf, Sun…Sanibel

This is where we stayed…

Sorry that I sort of stepped off the face of the planet there for a bit…we took off for the weekend to enjoy the sand, surf, and sun at our favorite little get-away…Sanibel Island, on the west coast of South Florida.

I tried to log on several times while we were away, but the connection was not very good, and all four of us were trying to use the same land line…yikes! (That didn’t go over well!)

I wanted to share a few pics with you of our weekend…sorry to those of you who live in the cold…but it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL and perfect for us (thank you Lord!)….and we really needed it!
Hope you enjoy the pics…oh, for some more pics (from a guys perspective) check out my husband’s blog. I am looking forward to sharing some goodies with you about some of the books I read while I was there… 😉

This is where we sat and talked, read our books, got some sun, watched the sun set, listened to music, and spent time with God…what an awesome day!

This is Nick after he came our of the water (the boys were in a boat in the ocean)
This is the sunset…

This is Bailey outside of the Bubble Room (our favorite lunch spot on Captiva Island)

Drop me a line and let me know where YOUR favorite weekend get-away is…


  1. I am so happy you guys took some time. It looks like it was a perfect weekend for family and God. Good for you. For me one of my favorite weekend get-away is Naples.
    Love, Jules

  2. it is so beautiful! so much fun.

    We got away this weekend to the Atlanta area to visit some different churches… but it is not my favorite getaway… I prefer to be out in the woods away from it all.

  3. Jules…
    We LOVE the WEST coast of FL as well…the beaches are great, it is a slower pace, and it is not too far to have the “get away” experience!

    I am with you…my “DREAM” vacation/get away would be in the mountains somewhere, at the foot of the mountain, in a log cabin type house, with a stream for the kids to go fishing, and some big comfy chairs on the giant porch…that’s where I would LOVE to go!

  4. My favorite place in the whole wide world is Captiva. Is just that their Sunsets are BEAUTIFUL. I have the most awesome memories from Captiva. My second best place is Bryson City, NC. I reallllllyyyyyy love it there.Is just soooo laid back, and cold and nice.
    Man I wish I could just take off right NOW!

  5. Our favorite getaway has been to the Grande Lakes resort in Orlando. When we lived in that area it was like a vacation that seemed far away from home. Beautiful property, great pool with awesome lazy river for floating and a spa that is the most relaxing even to just lay at the spa pool sipping bottled water!

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