Warrior Chicks – Chapter 4


This week is all about Chapter 4 – Focus! I can’t wait to hear the notes, thoughts, and comments from this chapter…if you are anything like me this one hit me right between the eyes! BAM!

Focus…this is going to be a tough one for me because the joke between so many of my friends is that I am exactly like DORY from “Finding Nemo”. Yikes…I used to laugh and make a joke about it, but the reality is…well, that I kind of am. (Can anyone relate?)

So…we are going to get right on the questions, and you can send your thoughts in to post through the comments…I know that there are SO many of us out there who as Holly says, “If we are going to make it through battles, we have to remember our focus.” Amen sister! 😉

1 – Think of a time in your life when you lost your focus. as it in your marriage? Your Christian walk?
– I too often loose my focus when it comes to my family…I have spent many years working too much and not being emotionally available for my family.

2 – What were the steps you took to regain your focus?
– Prayer and Accountability – I have not completely mastered it, but I am learning and growing each and every day.

3 – Is there a present area in which your focus is beginning to drift? How can you apply those same steps in your life now (including yelling, “Eyeballs!”)?
– my writing, developing my talent…everything else is stealing that priority from my life, and my time.

4 – “A person focused in the present exercises today…” What have you said “maybe one day…” about?
– Writing, speaking, traveling, exercising…taking care of myself so that I can be the best I can be for God!

5 – What can you do today?
– Make a plan for it and then do it.

6 – “Good is the enemy of the best.” List your responsibilities. Can you tell which ones are “good” and which ones are “best”?
– This is a long and hard process…it really takes some time alone, with God, where you can rest, reflect, and seek His counsel.

7 – What temptations are currently distracting you?
– being busy with things that are not the GREAT things for my life…

8 – In spite of what you are going through, how can you focus on what you are going to?
– Right now I am in a very difficult season of my life, emotionally, and through this “difficult” time I have grown more in Him, and that has made it worth it in every way, shape, and form.

The comments are OPEN…either send me an email or post them directly to the blog…I know that together we can all FOCUS for a bit and see what it takes to be a WARRIOR CHICK!!!

Focused for now,


  1. I must say that this chapter “knocked me in the head” more than any of the others so far. I admit that I am guilty of losing focus at times when I am in the midst of too many things at once. The sentence that really hit home was the one that said “A warrior focuses on what she is going to do, not what she is going through”. I have dedicated this week to staying focused and to keeping my eye on what is really important, not the meaningless day to day struggles of life.

  2. Hi Warriors, I know this is late but what the hey. Focus…This one also hit me hard. I started off thinking “not so much for me” but by the end, wow, KABAM, right between the eyes. My life is filled with abuse of ALL kinds. I have always been honest and open about it cuz I want God to use it for good. God used this chapter to help me realize, I focus too much on what I am not because of this situation and that thing. I need to start taking hold of the Power that lives inside me NOW and stop looking back.
    Mel S.

  3. This was one of my favourite chapters for grabbing me by the ‘horns’. I love what Holly said here “IN our minds, we live mostly for better times, whether lost in memories or consumed by dreams, our thoughts are often on the experiences of another day. Some float through life thinking only of tomorrow.

    …A person focused in the present exercises today. Signs up for classes today, eats healthy today…

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