Marco Island Memories

Over the last 4 days I have been hanging out with my family on Marco Island (it’s on the west coast of South Florida) enjoying the beach, the resort, and more importantly…EACH OTHER!

What a blessing it is to have family…they are the people you lean on, cry with, get frustrated by, want to pull your hair out because of, cuddle with, pray for, and love unconditionally…I feel so completely honored to be wife and mom to this amazing crew.

I wanted to take a minute to share with you some of the pics from this weekend…(they didn’t have internet…oh, the horror!…or I would have been posting them while we were there)…we did have a wireless card, but I had to share it between the four of us, and well…you know….I just didn’t get that much time.

So…here goes…hope you enjoy!

We stayed here…

This was the view from our balcony…

Here are my handsome boys…

Take a minute today to thank God for your family…they are a “gift”.