Sisters By Blood "Award"

There is something truly special and unique about the friendships that can be formed throughout the “Blog-sphere”…what a joy!
I have been blown away by the love, the prayers, the compassion, the stories, the “funnies”, and the sisterhood that is out there. Yesterday a very special Blog Chick (Sharon, at Sit with Me Awhile) started a new “award” and passed it along to Karen at Karen’s Ramblings, who in turn shared the joy and honor with me (and you!)
So…to all the cool chicks that I have listed under “Cool Chick Blogs”, this one is for you too!
There are a few that aren’t listed that are some really great people that I know and appreciate…go ahead, take it, you deserve it….Holly F, Mindy, Natalia, Kathy H.
Your Sister,


  1. Thank you Mel! Your friendship means the world to me and I think you are one of the most inspiring and creative women I know.

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