Warrior Chicks – Chapter 5

Warrior Chicks
Chapter 5 – The Baton Exchange

Hey chicks…just wanted to pop online and send out the notes, comments, and thoughts from this week’s Warrior Chick chapter. We talked about Chapter 5 (The Baton Exchange)…we were also blessed to have my mother in love, Brenda, stop by and join us as we met.

Let’s share some of stuff we talked about…

p.70 – As long as there is someone younger than you on the planet, you are an older woman. And as the older woman, we do have a responsibility. We are to equip, motivate, inspire, and train younger women.

p.75 – The younger women in your world are waiting for the baton.
Don’t drop it.
Don’t hang on to it.
Pass it on.

1) Who is the older woman in your world? How have you opened up your life to her?
2) Who is the younger woman in your world? How have you opened up your life to her?
3) What challenge have you overcome in your life that you could use to encourage someone younger?
4) How do you feel about being called an “old woman?” (smile)

*Sometimes that can happen in ministry – you feel very lonely because you keep doing for others.

*The women in our history usually worked alone in their fight – just them and God.

*Prepare our children to prepare their children for the baton exchange.

*We talked about 1 Corinthians 3:6, “I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow.”

*This verse is all about the baton exchange.

*Each person has to grab a hold of someone ahead of them (as a mentor), AND we each have to grab someone to hand off the baton to (reach down and be a mentor for a younger person).

*We’re just called to do what God has planned for us, not what other people are called to do.

*Do your part and hand off the baton!

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Passing the Baton,


  1. Hey Issa!!!

    I would love to join your book club, if its not an exclusive club. I love and miss you very much!!!

  2. Hey Princess Leah,

    I am SO glad you stopped by!!! I miss you too and would LOVE to have you join us on Fridays.

    Email me (I still have the same email) and I will give you the information as to where we are meeting!

    So nice for you to come into Mel’s World!

  3. Another cool chapter, we all have something that we have overcome that we can pass on (the baton) to someone else. All of us! Somebody needs to know about the places we have been and have overcome in our life, to give them hope also.

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