I absolutely hate it that this is the LAST chapter of this book. It is like a really good friend who has come to visit and now is packed and ready to go. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, doing this as a book group study, and also having it online as well. My only hope is that those of you who have read it have been touched, empowered, and blessed by reading this book and by being a part of a group that is reading it together.

Here are some highlights and notes from the last chapter of WARRIOR CHICKS!

(Even if you didn’t read this as part of our group I would like to encourage you to still take the time to pick up this book. You can order it right from this blog if you go do to “What I’m Reading” and click on it. It is shipped and processed directly through

Page 178 says,
We will all face fear.
Overcoming it is our biggest battle.
Lots of people ask, “What if I mess up? What if I fail?”
And so the fear of failure keeps them from trying.”

On that same note check out what she says on Page 181,
It is not that bravehearts don’t ever feel fear.
We do.
In living life on the earth we will encounter fear.
Fear of failure.
Fear of defeat.
Fear of the future.
Fear of the unknown.
Fear of the “what ifs”.
Fear of people.
Fear of death.
Fear is debilitating.
Fear can stop us in our tracks.
Fear can keep us from fulfilling our purpose.
(I love this part…from Melissa)
Fear is the ultimate weapon of the enemy as he seeks to prevent us from fulfilling our mission.
In all forms, fear must be conquered

Check this out on Page 187,
That would be you and me.
We are here to make a difference in the world.
Not to point fingers about how corrupt and bad it is.
But to help.
To be a part of the solution.
God loved the world so much that He sent Jesus.
He sent His best.
Can we love enough to give our best?”

Chapter 11 Study Guide Questions:
(Even if you didn’t read the book or this chapter some of these questions will strike a cord with you…if they do, please feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts?)

– Are you afraid?
– How does that fear hold you back?
– Can you let the cause be larger than they fear?
– What is your purpose?
– What are some ways you can stir up the passion within you?

Warrior Chick,


  1. Melissa sounds like a great book! At one time in my life fear paralized my life.
    Entrapped in the bondage of fear is where I was, but God could not and would not leave me there. He has freed me from so much. We(God and me) still have areas to conquer in my life, but as He reveals them and I relequish them there is freedom.

    Precious freedom in Christ Jesus!!

    He came that we might be free!

  2. I was pretty sad when I finished this book, in as much as…I’ve just read it all. This is so the issue that I am dealing with right now, well have been for many years, but God is going deeper and there is anticipation and hope woven within the battle here.

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