Merry Christmas from Marco Island

Just wanted to pop online for a minute to say HELLO from Marco Island, FL.

We left Christmas day (after opening all the gifts and celebrating) and drove over to the Island for our Christmas vacation. It was a great drive here, but when we arrived on the Island our cards to our room weren’t working, and being that it was Christmas day there was not a single person around to help us get in our rooms. Needless to say it was extremely frustrating and for a minute we thought we would have to drive home. Thankfully, and by the Grace of God, we were able to find someone at another resort who could help us.

Then we went out to one of the only restaurants on the Island that was open (re-thinking the whole traveling on Christmas Day thing for next year) and had to wait for over an hour for our food…we felt horrible for our server (it was his first day on the job and he didn’t speak English very well…poor guy was struggling) because so many of the other patrons around us were just not being very nice. It’s Christmas folks, give everyone a break and just be nice…that’s what I wanted to say, but we just decided to be extra nice to the server when the check came (I still feel bad for the guy).

I will be back online later on to share some pictures, some thoughts, and some year end observations…can’t wait to hear how each and every one of your Christmas get together’s went!

Gone to the Beach,


  1. How fun to be somewhere warm and sunny! We were watching the Disney World parade and I promised Brooklyn that we were going there someday soon! I want to wait just a couple of years until Cooper is old enough to remember it. Hope you have a wonderful New Years!

  2. You poor thing! I feel so bad for you in that weather while I have another winter storm coming with at least 6 inches of snow!
    Enjoy yourself!!!

  3. Nickernoodle…
    Thanks! Let me know when you guys decide to head South, I can give you lots of tips for the parks!

    Be nice…sorry about that! We all have our stuff to deal with. I would love to see some snow and enjoy the cold weather (for about a week). Thanks! It is in the high 70’s today and super sunny! (Sorry)

    Hello friend! I will do that for ya! I will try to get a pic of me with a tan and send it to ya! 🙂

  4. WOW now thats a vacation!! enjoy! rest and read on the beach. that is a great reminder to be kind to others, we don’t know what they are going through. Have FUN!!! WE WILL MAKE A SNOWMAN FOR YOU:)

  5. Ihope everything is perfect now. The picture looks like is very peaceful over there. Enjoy your vacation…Miss ya! Jules

  6. Oh.My.Word! We love Marco Island. Last year we were there on Christmas Day. We love Snook Inn. If you haven’t been…go and eat a fried grouper sandwich…so yummy! Have fun!

    I love, love, love your blog look. Did you design it? Gorgeous! Wish I could do it.


  7. Hi Mel,

    I can’t wait to see the pictures. I’m sure you all had a wonderful time even after a rough start.

    While I was able to be back in sunny FL to spend Christmas with dear friends, I also had a chance to go home to Michigan City, Indiana for a few days and spend time with family and friends too. What was really cool is I attended service at Granger Community Church. God is doing amazing things there. God Bless!

  8. Sun! I want sun!! Actually, I’d like a little snow too!!

    Enjoy your time!!

    I love your blog – its so fun!!

  9. Marco Island! I love it there. We stayed there for a week about 3 yrs ago- it was beautiful and so relaxing! I do hope you have a wonderful and relaxing time!

  10. Sue, We are having a BLAST!!!

    Annie, it is a great way to celebrate the holidays…I would just probably start the day after Christmas next time.

    Jules, it IS very peaceful!

    Maria, thanks! It is absolutely beautiful here!

    Kat, thanks for the tip…we will keep an eye out for Snook Inn tomorrow on our way out!

    Jill, that totally stinks that the one and only time you came to Marco Island that it was raining!

    Wendy, yep…it got off to a rocky start but is has been such a big blessing! I am so glad to hear that you were able to attend services at Granger! They are some really cool and innovative people there!

    Momma Roar…I am with you on that…I love the sun, but I can totally appreciate the snow too! I am so glad you came by to visit! Thanks!

    Sharon, thanks! We are having a great time. Where did you guys stay when you were here?

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