What’s on YOUR Bookshelf?

Ok, before I get too far into this post…I have to admit something to you all…

I, Melissa of Mel’s World,


I have a book addiction!!!!! (Sad, scary, and maybe a bit alarming, I know!)

Seriously…I am completely and utterly in love with the written Word (especially God’s Word).

I wanted to take you guys on a stroll through the many book shelves in Mel’s World to show you I am speaking the truth.

This book case is in my dining room (yep, the dining room). It is filled with all the books that I have read in the last year and a half. The books that are sideways on the shelf are the ones that I am currently reading…the top pile is part of my morning devotional time, and the bottom side stack is reading I do when I “find” some extra time.

This book shelf (there are actually 2 1/2 of them) is in my office. One is mine and one is dh (dear hubby’s) and these are the books that we want to read NEXT. We are both pretty into books…huh?
(Notice the AU bobblehead on dh’s shelf)
This book shelf is actually right next to my bed. My dad made it when he was in high school as a gift to his parents. When both of my grandparents died I mentioned that I would love to have it. This bookshelf has my PaPaw’s (grandfather for all y’all up north) Bibles, his study notes, and some light reading before I go to bed (It takes me awhile to get my brain to turn off, so I need to read to relax…scary, I know).
So…now that y’all think I have completely lost my marbles…what do YOU have on your bookshelf???
Back to My Books,
PS – We are gearing up for Chapter 1 of Beth Moore’s book, Get out of that Pit. Check back here on Wednesday’s to review the chapter and see what women all around the world have to say about the pit they are in! Join us here!


  1. I may be a week behind you in this – I haven’t gotten my book yet. I’ll catch up though!

  2. Like you I have books e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e in my house. I love them. I have to admit though that blogging has cut seriously into my reading time. Hmmmmm…what to do about that?


  3. Our bookshelves could be sisters, but mine would be the ones without the bobble head :o)! Mine look about like yours. My hub is a reader and buys books almost daily! They are everywhere.

  4. I too love books! Can you think of a better way to spend an afternoon than to go sit at a coffee shop with your Bible and several books- and read!!! Maybe have a girlfriend or two with you so that every now and then, you could say— “Oh my goodness- listen to this!”

    Oh yes, and your laptop so you could check in with you bloggy friends as well. Ahhh- I hope heaven has books- and friends- and coffee- and blogs! Smiles~

    I love the sound of your book dear friend—- stop reading for a while and start writing.

  5. Mel,
    Last night my husband asked me, “how many books can you read at one time”. I LOVE BOOKS, it’s my weakness.

    I am reading Chptr 1 of Get out of that Pit.

    Finishing, Battlefield of the Mind (I HIGHLY recommend it to all your readers)

    Lies Women believe and the Thruth that sets them Free.

    And last but not least, Your Girl, raising a godly daughter in a ungodly world.

    Can’t wait till wednesday!

    Mucho love my friend.

  6. Who knew you were such a nerd!
    Just kidding!!!!!!!!!!!LOL!

    I envy the fact that you are able to sit down and read, I long for those days again!

    God bless sister,

    PS: I have to have my article at CWO in by midnight but I can’t stay up that late, so it goes in earlier!

  7. I too am a book lover and reader. I have many that have really lead in my growth in the Lord that I have read over and over during the years. I always date the book when I read it and it is interesting to see how many times, and which years I’ve read the different ones.

    I prefer the older writers of the early 1900’s. Too many of the newer books today are a lot of “fluff” in my opinion!!!

  8. I love books! I have been so behind in reading though. I crave time to get back and put my nose in a book!

    Thanks for the inspiration! I’ve got to spend more time visiting here!

    The OTHER Mel

  9. so cool!!!! I am comignback here tomorrow. I love that book! the forward written by her husband moved me to tears!

    i love books, my husband loves books, my 3 daughter loves books. so you can guess what my house looks like !!! : )

    I am reading essays for The Norton Reader right now. I just finished Zora Neale Hurston’s “How It Feels to be Colored Me.” i love this lady.

    I think that the next book that I am going to start is the new Jan Karon one. I read what my children read so I am going to read “Twilight” by Stephenie Meyer. it is about a young girl who falls in love with a vampire. I know…. not my choice… my 12 year old daughter says that ALL the other girls that she knows is reading it and how can I say NO w/o reading it myself. Any advice???? she is reading alot of “dark” books. She isn’t goth or emo and I do not want her to become that way. Any advice???

  10. I don’t have many book shelves here at home..which is strange for a reading teacher…but I DO have a huge pile of books waiting to be read. But I have to say yours is quite impressive.

    Since DH was a pastor, believe me, he had TONS of books. We passed only some of them along when he left full time church work last year. Now he has only two large shelves in our garage packed with boxes of his books.

    ๐Ÿ™‚ Susan

  11. I love to read too but usually just 1 at a time. It’s not good for me to go into a library because I come out with too many. Last night I had a meeting in church. My room was the library. The deacon at the meeting looked at me and asks ” Did you just check them all out tonight?” Yup – 4 more books in my bedroom to read.

  12. Mari,
    Doesn’t matter if you’re a little behind, post your comments when you are done with the chapter.

    I WISH!

    I struggle with the same thing, blogging, reading, blogging, reading…

    I would LOVE to see your bookshelves!

    Great book tips!

    I am SO not a nerd, just “well informed” I’d say! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I love some of the older books too, especially JANE AUSTEN (love her!)

    I’d love it if you came back more often to visit!

    Holy Chaos,
    Straight up…just talk to her about WHY? she is reading those types of books. What does she like about them? That’s what I would do.

    Let me know if your parents are in the SOUTH Florida area…

    Susan with all the boys,
    You’d think you, as a reading teacher, would have TONS of books everywhere…;)

    That must have been “hard”, poor you, to be meeting in the same room as the books! (gasp!)

  13. I don’t have as many bookshelves as you, but if I did, I am sure they would be filled. I love books and reading, but don’t make as much time as I probably should. Never considered the idea of reading more than one at a time, as you mention above. Great idea, Mel!

  14. Oh Wow! I’m glad I’m not the only one!! I actually have 15, yep, I said 15 full size bookshelves in my house and each one of them is overflowing with books. Some shelves are double stacked!! I can’t bear to rid myself of any of them. I really do read them all the time. Usually have 5-6 going at once. Glad to have ya as a sister! If ya get a chance, visit my blog sometime.
    Starr LaPradd

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