I’m Late Handing out these Awards…

Ok, here’s the deal…I think I might be loosing my mind (ya think?). I received these awards and thought that I passed them out (like a good Christian girl), but after looking around my posts I see that I have not (shame on me!)

After the previous post about Awards Everywhere I figured, what better time than RIGHT NOW to get these out to some Cool Chicks!

This is the PayIt Forward Blessings Award and it was given to me by a really cool chick named Kat at JustABeachKat. I am looking forward to seeing the friendship that God is building with my buddy Kat! 😉

This is the Loveable Blog Award and the You Rock the Crib Award and they were given to me from Karen over at Karen’s Ramblings. She is a wonderful, kind, and generous blogger buddy.

This is the Speader of Love Award and a totally sweet bloggy buddy of mine, Annie, gave it to me. Go and visit with her at
My Life As Annie.

I would like to give these awards to all the COOL CHICKS listed on the side bar of my blog. If you are a blogging buddy of mine and I hang out with you daily then please consider yourself awarded these awards as well.

I have been blessed with some amazing friendships out here in Bloggy-Land and I thank God for you all each and every day!



  1. Awww! I just seen that I am a “Cool Chick” Can you send out an e-mail to my kids because, again, they won’t believe me.
    Thanks, you’re a doll! This is what one of my 8th grade small group girls says to me all the time. It cracks me up.

  2. Wow – what a lot of awards! Congrats to you – lots of people (myself included) love your blog!

  3. Congrats on the awards mel, you deserve them. I love your blog, have been reading, well since you started the beth moore study.

    Would you care for my mom, she’s in the icu, after choking on breakfast last wednesday. You can get whole story on my blog if you want, but we’re really needing prayer and i knew you were a good one to turn too. I’m wearing down, and the only one really able to sit with her.

  4. Hi, I am the creator of The Spreader of Love Award. I am so happy to see it here on your blog. Congrats on being such a being of love.

    B @ The Love Blog

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