Chapter 6 – Get out of that Pit

The Three Steps Out of Your Pit

I totally loved this chapter. I think I highlighted more things than those that I didn’t. I tried to temper myself, but I was so engulfed in this chapter that I felt like at points that Beth Moore was actually on the couch talking to me instead of reading this chapter. Truly REMARKABLE!!

Throughout the entire chapter I had tears in my eyes…they started out as tears of joy and peace, knowing that my Heavenly Father loves me with such a passion and joy, then they flowed into tears of repentance, of peace, of grace, and of love. What a feeling it was…I felt as if God was there with me telling me, “You see precious one, I have been trying to tell you this, let it go and get out of that pit. I forgive you, I believe in you, and I love you more than the sun, moon, and stars.”

There is so much to talk about in this chapter, but I fear that I would do it no justice, so instead of me telling you everything, let’s get started on some of my HIGHLIGHTER moments.

Remember…you can always share your highlighter moments with all of us through your comments!

p. 115 – God absolutely refuses to share His glory. Anyone who shares His position as deliverer in your life is sharing His glory. God won’t stand for that. Sooner or later, someone’s going to back off, and you don’t want it to be God. He may use any number of people in your life – friends, a counselor, a family member, or fellow believer – to come alongside and encourage as a part of His process. But He alone must deliver you…or you will never be free. How badly do you want out of that pit?

Friends…HOW BADLY do you want out???

Page 119 – I believe the Bible proposes three steps out of the pit, and each involves your mouth. (that is great for me, Melissa, because I have a BIG one!)

Page 120 – “His refusal to bend to our will may at first seem uncompassionate in light of all we’ve endured, but He’s pushing for the best thing that will ever happen to us. God will never be codependent with you. He will never pat your broken back and say, ‘Who could blame you for all of this?’ He wants you up on your feet, living abundantly, profoundly, effectively.” (emphasis mine)

Another personal favorite little quip of mine is “Go to the Throne BEFORE you go to the phone” meaning so many times we call our friends and seek their advice and solace before we ever seek God. We have it backwards…we should seek the THRONE way before we ever pick up the phone to call a friend.

So, when I saw Beth’s little quip on page 127 I just had to share it with you too…”As long as you can feel it, spill it. Psalms 145:18 says, ‘The LORD is near to al who call on him, /to all who call on him in truth.”

This is just fabulous…check this out…Page 134-135 she says, Don’t let up when you begin to feel better. Feeling better is not what we’re after. The goal is freedom from the pit for the rest of your life. On days when you feel down, overwhelmed, or discouraged, get to your Scripture Prayers all the faster. On the days when you want to do it least, do it most. Be onto the enemy’s devices. He knows that if you quit praying, he can make you stay in the pit.”

Holy Smokes, is it me or is that woman right one or what. This book is anointed and her words really rang through to me this week…I know they hit a cord with the girls at group this morning because we were all in agreement that God has given this woman a GOOD WORD for us all.

I hope and pray that this book is bringing healing, restoration, and peace to you, knowing that it is and always has been God’s desire to see you Get Out of That Pit!

Now, let’s see what we can find in the Personal Application Questions that will help us take the steps out:

1) In order to get out of your pit, “God wants everything you’ve got. Uncontested priority. Every egg in one basket. All your weight on one limb.” What would have to happen in your life for you to take this challenge seriously?
– I have to realize that I really have reached rock bottom – that it really is that bad.
– I would have to shed the layers of fear that protect me.
– I don’t know – there’s been so many roller coaster moments in my life.
– I guess I need to make sure I am obedient and disciplined.

2) If you are ready to begin you ascent from the pit, what words would you use to cry out to God?
– Here I am, help me, I need you.
– I can not do this alone!
– You God, and you alone, are all I need. Help me Father to be more like you!
– Help me…

3) What do you need to confess to God? What attitude, motive, and action can you think of that contributed to your being in a pit?
– control issues
– insecurity
– I’ve got to do everything or else the house will fall apart…I have to keep it all together.
– Bad attitude
– Unforgiving
– Anger
– Work-aholism

4) What will it mean for you to “actively consent” to getting out of the pit?
– Trust
– To give God my full cooperation and to stand up and follow Him.
– For me to drop “my will” and pick up and go with God’s will for my life.

5) Turn now to the “Scripture Prayers” section in the back of this book. Plan to spend one week reading aloud the “cry out, confess, and consent” prayers for each day. Continue to use these prayers as long as you are waiting for God to lift you out of your pit.
– I didn’t even know that they were there in the back of the book, I am so excited and blessed.
– They are AWESOME!

Now it is YOUR turn!!! What “highlighter moments” touched your heart? What did you answer for the above Personal Application Questions?

If you are doing this book and study with us online we’d love to hear from you!!! Join in, open up, and start climbing out of the pit with us! Come on…You can do it, I know you can! ;0)

Crying Out, Confessing, and Consenting with Him,


  1. I do not have the book, but I enjoy following and reading the comments. I struggle with going to God first I seem to run to my friend for (Godly advice) when I need to run to God FIRST!! Not always so easy to do, but I am learning:)Thanks Mel.

  2. I am going to buy this book this weekend. I love everything Beth Moore does; I just had not bought the book. I love this selection you chose to blog about. I’m down in the dumps and struggling truthfully. As a PK and Minister Wife; this isn’t supposed to happen … right? NOT 🙂 Thanks for the great study.


  3. I just finished this morning 🙂
    1) I would need to be intentional about confessing the whole kit and kaboodle–beyond just sins that I have done, also motives and thoughts. That takes some time and awareness and willingness to listen to the Holy Spirit’s conviction.
    2)Father, help me. Only you can!
    3)bitterness and hurt
    4) Agree with God that only He can be judge and restore those who have hurt me. Let him have it all–and not think I can be the one to get even.
    5)All right!

    What a great book, Melissa. Thank you for doing this. I have read it once a year ago, but the interaction and questions are sinking the principles deeper into my marrow. And oh how I need some marrow cleansing!

    Much love to you and prayers,

  4. 1) It is usually a crisis point that gets my attention, something I cannot ‘fix’ myself (or seemingly fix). I started recognising this in myself more and more in recent years and this book really alerted me, I am turning over more and more stuff during the smooth seas, the slightly choppy ones and the stormy ones now.

    2) I was crying out to God at the weekend, for pit rescue of sorts and found myself declaring “I’m just a sinner saved by your grace, that’s all I am. Just a sinner.

    3) Oh where would I begin?
    -Trying to do everything myself, not letting anyone help me!
    I realised that yesterday hugely that I do not let anyone in, yet feel sad when no one offers to help me. Hmmm..doh, I wonder why…

    4) I have to keep drawing in to Him, finding Him not seeing what is going on around me, but trusting and listening to him and letting the Shepherd guide me.

    5) Oh – Oops I need to check them out!

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