Leap Year Love

Hooray Hooray, look it’s a
Since it is LEAP DAY (YEAR) I thought it might it be fun to have a
Special Give-Away!!!!

All you have to do is comment to THIS POST and tell me

1) something special about being a mom


2) something special about your mom.

That’s it!

Short, sweet, and simple!

The Give Away has the following items:
Book – A Tribute to Moms (by Ruth Senter & Jori Senter)
Journal – Pretty Pink Journal with John 3:16 on it
Pen – a Really Pretty Purple Gel Pen

I will be picking a winner on Wednesday, March 5th at 12pm (EST).

Please be fair and only comment once, but I would love for you to pass it along and let other’s know about it! Thanks!

Can’t wait to hear all about the important “moms” in your life!

Happy Leap Year,


  1. Hi Mel,

    The most special thing about being a Mom to two daughters who are now young ladies in their twenties is that I am blessed to have two very special daughter/friends to share life with now. I didn’t believe in being a “pal” to my girls as they were growing up, I felt my role was clearly defined as “mom”. But now that they are grown, we enjoy shopping, talking, laughing sharing in ways that friends so. There are still moments that call for mom-daughter guidelines, but we love to do stuff together & it is simply divine! They are the best.

  2. Being a mom is a high calling. For me it is my ministry. I am honored and humbled at the same time. It’s hard to believe the Lord has entrusted these three souls to me in order to raise them for Him. It really is amazing.

  3. My momma was a precious gift given to me by God. He took her back home april 21 2006. I love and miss her very much.

  4. Oh, my mom is so amazing. She is the glue that holds the family together. And I mean her siblings, etc. She would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it. I miss lunching with her now that we moved. 🙁 But I also love being a mom- hugs, kisses, and sweet people I love to death!

  5. Being a Mom is what God created me to be. And the most special part about it is that I can choose to not pass down the strongholds from my family. I am staking (like from Lord of the Rings) this far and no further, Satan. So for future gens., with God’s help, I am passing on healthy and godly life habits to my children.

    What a fun idea! Please do pray for my Mom (and Dad). We have a very strained/ nearly severed relationship stemming from our moving to Colorado 2 1/2 years ago–they were not glad and said they’d never visit. Only God can mend it. Only Him.

  6. Great contest! One thing that I think is special about being a Mom is that even though I am the mom I learn so much from and through my children! I am to guide and teach them, but that does not exclude me from learning! I love how God has changed me for the better because of motherhood!

  7. We have two adopted boys (now 22 and 18) which we have always reminded them we CHOSE them, other kids don’t have that chance. They grew in our hearts not just under the heart. What a joy they have been in our lives!

  8. I can think of soemthing special about my mom-she taught me to be very tactful in what i say…always watching my words so that i do not hurt anyone’s feelings.

    something special about being a mom: maybe this will count : today my 18 year old and I were talking about dogs and how he just couldn’t understand how people become so attached to them. I told him that alot of times that dogs are great for companionship and that one day,if I ever found myself living alone, I would get one.
    He told me, “No, Mom you would come and live with me”

    how sweet is that????

  9. I didn’t know that capacity for love until I became a mom just a little over two years ago. I’m right in the midst of the age where my son is talking and comprehending and becoming a little guy with his own personality and my heart just overflows. Thanks for entering me, Mel!

  10. I think the greatest thing about being a mom is how much my kids love me even when I screw up. They seem to be born with unconditional love. Where does that go as we get older?

  11. I came across this on a rough day, and I appreciate the reminder to focus on the blessings of being a mom. I second what Jill and Jennifer said, above. I’ve also learned, through being a parent, some things about the love that God has for us. It helps me to understand Him–but even more than that, the way He treats us helps me to be a better mom.

  12. I absolutely love being a mom to my 2 boys. Boys just love their mom’s, what else can I say 🙂 God has given me the opportunity to homeschool my oldest son James (17). He is doing very well & is growing in God each day. I am so proud of him.
    My mom is so very special. She just moved here to live with me. She is 77 yrs old and is dealing with kidney disease. I watch her 3 times a week walk into the dialysis center and make sure to say hello to every patient. She keeps the spirits up there with the patients and with the staff. She is such a strong loving woman and I am so grateful that I have this time with her.

  13. I found your blog through Praying Karen and am enjoying reading your posts.

    So to enter the contest, I’ll write something special about my Mom:
    My parents attended the same church for about 30 years. Six years ago they left because they felt that obeying God was more important than shoving things under the carpet. They now have a home church.

    In these past 6yrs, I have seen my parents’ faith grow stronger. My mom and I talk often on the phone and almost every conversation is about how God is using them – in everyday situations. These conversations encourage me to keep pressing forward and to ask God to use ME in everyday situations.

    I know this is more about my parents than just my Mom but this is a significant way that I have been encouraged by my Mom (& Dad).

    ~ Leanne

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