1. Hi Mel – I visited that site a few days ago and was moved by it. What a touching story!

  2. I cried like a baby this morning! What an inspiration though huh!!! God’s perfect peace!

  3. Yes I visited that site yesterday……it’s amazing to see God’s work even in the difficult and painful events in this life.
    Thanks for sharing…
    Bring the rain……..

  4. Oh Mel, I found this one about a week ago and just cried. What a sad yet beautiful story of faith sorrow. Thanks for sharing it with others.

  5. Me too. I read this last week. I sat at my computer crying. Her accounts of God mercy were amazing. We do serve an awesome God.

  6. Thank you so much for this link. Are we not all so unbelievably blessed that this wonderful family has shared this with all of us?

    I have loved Selah since the beginning. Be Still My Soul is my all time favorite CD. Years ago, I stopped to listen to Track 5 (His Eye is On The Sparrow) at a Borders Books. I listened a few minutes and was deeply moved. I put the headset down and tried to walk away, but I couldn’t. I had to listen more. I tried twice more to just walk to the front of the store to buy the CD. But I couldn’t. Not until the song was over. Buy then, I was in tears. The most beautiful rendition of the song I ever heard. I’m a vocalist and I have the track. I don’t do it justice.

    It’s the one CD I buy over and over again – just to give away.

  7. Hi Mel,

    Thanks for visiting me today. I actually came by to visit you the other day but got distracted and didn’t leave a comment. I also visited your travel site and it was so interesting. I love doing the Travel Tuesday and was doing it once a week but with all the new grandbabies decided to try just once or twice a month. It’s fun but makes me want to go where I talked about. LOL I will check out this website. Thanks again!

  8. I recently visited the site and it is so very touching.

  9. Mel,
    I was so touched by this family’s story that I also posted the link on my blog (Apr. 16th). Thanks for sharing this amazing story and true testament of God’s love, grace & mercy in the midst of trials.
    ~ Leanne

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