Weekly Online Book Group

Starts TODAY!
Don’t be alarmed…you actually have the rest of this week to actually order the book or go out and pick it up. If you want to order it click here to get it directly from Amazon.

Let me tell you a little bit about the book. From the back cover:

am I making a difference?
does my life matter?

“How can I make a difference when some days I can’t even find my keys?” asks award-winning author Leslie Parrott. “I’ve never been accused of being methodical, orderly, or linear. So when it came to considering my years on this planet, I did so without a sharpened pencil and a pad of paper. Instead, I walked along Discovery Beach, just a few minutes from our home in Seattle.

“Strange, though. All I seemed to ever bring home from my walks on the beach were little pieces of sea glass. Finding these random pieces eventually became a fixation. And, strangely, with each piece I collected, I felt a sense of calm. What could this mean? What was I to discover from this unintentional collection?”

In this poignant and vulnerable book, Leslie shows you how each hodgepodge piece of your life, no matter how haphazard, represents a part of what you do and who you are. While on the surface, none of these pieces may seem to make a terribly dramatic impact, Leslie will show you how they are your life and how when they are collected into a jar – a loving human heart – they become a treasure.

This is going to be a great opportunity for ALL of us to learn, share, and grow. I love the humility and tenderness that this book has to offer while it is powerfully packed with a very important message for each and every one of us.

We will be doing multiple chapters a week, since they are short, so don’t be overwhelmed. We will open up to the group the section at the end called “Ponder…” for our discussion section.

Below you will find a schedule of the chapters and the date we will be discussing them…

April 23rd –
Intro to Book Group

April 30th –
Prelude, A Narrow Path, & Discovery Beach (32 pages)

May 7th –
The Grinding Stone & My Head is in the Dirt (23 pages)

May 14th –
Squashed Cabbage Leaves & Dream Venti (25 pages)

May 21st –
Interlude, Band of Sisters, & Star and Starfish (31 pages)

May 28th –
Web of Connection & Playing Games (21 pages)

June 4th –
Martha Clay, Interlude, Human Touch, & Ultimate Good (25 pages)

June 11th –
Whisper Test, Too Late?, & Anyway (32 pages)

June 18th –
Interlude, Compassionate Witnesses, & Only Seeds (21 pages)

So, there you go…mark your calendars, invite your friends, online and in your neighborhoods. Grab the picture from the sidebar and let’s get out there and get the word out about “What a Woman Needs to Know about the Difference She Makes”.

Ready to Go on the Journey with You,


  1. Working on getting the book. I will probably join/ catch up with everyone on the 7th (after finals)! Also if you are in to digital scrapbooking I have a $10 Shabby Princess gift card that I am giving away!

  2. i will have to do some catch up, but plan on at least getting the book and tagging along until then!

    i need it!!

    loved your post on the 19th!

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