1. I would not let FEAR keep me from reaching after every good thing God has laid on my heart.

    FEAR – now there’s a bad four letter word!!! (*wink*)

  2. Good question! I would lose weight. The sad thing is that this is something that is doable and I need to get on with it!

  3. I would kick my fear right in the butt & tell it to get the heck outta here!

  4. Mari/Denise…I feel ya ladies!

    Stacey…that’s a great one!

    AlaneM…you go girl!!!

  5. Use to be swimming….not now. learned to a few weeks ago!

  6. I am not a good swimmer, I would have liked to be. Change the FEAR in that!

    Be more devoted to prayer. Not too good at that either.

  7. I hope the baseball game is fun and exciting tonight. Maybe they can pull off the win. I really like baseball/softball too.

    You are right that when they are 3-5 they all run around. It is cute watching them twirl in circles, throw dirt, make dirt piles, just keep running the bases like they have no clue. LOL

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