1. Ha…this one is easy, I would homeschool my kids, pack up the suitcases, and travel the WORLD!

  2. I would travel from now until the day I died ! And probably still wouldn’t see all that I wanted to !!

  3. I would take my family (parents, siblings & their families, my husband & kids) across Canada (to Nova Scotia) to visit my Dad’s side of the family. It’s been my Dad’s dream for us all to go back (the last time I was there was with my parents & siblings when I was 14!). Money & time have been the only reason we haven’t been!

    After that, I would take my husband & kids and travel back France and over to Japan. I lived in France for 1yr & my husband has always loved Japan, the people & food!

    Thanks for asking!
    ~ Leanne

  4. This is SO easy for me! My dream has ALWAYS been to buy or build a huge house/center for hurting women. A place where any woman Christian or non-Christian could come to find healing without judgement. They would receive love, education, counseling, training – whatever needed in order for them to live a life of freedom, experiencing the fullness of Christ love.

  5. I would love to travel more and certainly help my children more, but honestly I love my life right now. I truly do. I’m blessed to be married to the love of my life, we have our health, we have happy and healthy children and grandchildren, my Mom is still living…life is good.

    Happy Mother’s Day


  6. Nothing could make my life better, I am where God wants me to be, and I am with the precious love of my life. I do not need anything else.

  7. WOW…you girls are good! I love the fresh ideas, the heart of where you are, and the excitement of being thankful and also dreaming as well.

  8. Seriously? Hubby and I have discussed this. We’d buy a truck and a 5th wheel and homeschool our kids while circumnavigating Canada and the US. Who cares how long it takes??!!

  9. I would travel for a year with my husband and then buy a big piece of land and open a pet rescue. I’d also have more time to spend helping our church. Oh and of course pay off all debts.

  10. Travel around the world to every continent and tell people about JESUS! (I wrote that and then read everyone else’s thoughts). I’m inspired by Sharon’s!

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