Then Sings My Soul 5/10/08

This is my first post on the “Then Sings My Soul Saturday’s“, but I have to tell you that I have been wanting to do this for weeks. Music is such a HUGE part of worship for me, and at any given moment you will catch me either with my iPod on, music in the car, or singing a song that is running around through my mind.

Here’s my song for this weekend! I’ve been playing this one ALL week long! LOVE IT! If you want to go and check out what other people are listening to click on the button up top and say HI to Amy from me, would ya?

Hillsong – I’m Not Ashamed

Still Singing,


  1. Oh, I love this song!

    So glad you decided to join us today.

    I love your beautiful cheery blog.

    Have a super blessed Mother’s Day!!!

  2. Great song!
    And isn’t exciting to see ALL of those people worshiping God?!?! 🙂

    Welcome! So glad you joined in this weekend!

  3. Thanks Mel for an aMazing Hillsong
    song!!! One of their powerful praise ones…We are so blessed to have been found and redeemed by Christ so we can live freely!

    I came by late but that’s great because I was double blessed to have been able to read your Sunday
    BLESSING! Thank you!How richly you have been blessed! Happy Mother’s Day!

  4. thanks for joining Melissa!! I’ve never heard this song before!! It’s great!!

    Hope you’re having a great Mother’s Day!

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