Then Sings My Soul 5/17/08

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE music…it touches the core of who we are, it evokes emotions, it calms the storms, and it can bring peace and understanding in the midst of the twists and turns of life.

Here is one of my favorite Barlow Girls songs…”I Need You to Love Me“. Stop on over and visit Amy (click here) to see some of the other Then My Soul Sings Saturday posts.

PS – The video on this is amazing!

Still Singing,


  1. I love Barlow Girl. Great choice! BTW… I think the button takes you to the innaugural tsms post so if you want this week, you have to link this week’s post. Sorry about that. Hope you have a great weekend. Glad you joined in again this week!

  2. I love this song. Your are correct the video is fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. The song is incredible and the video awesome!

    Have a great week!


  4. I love Barlow Girl! Love the song. I feel that way today. I need HIM to love me. So, glad he does and always will.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. I think this song is wonderful! Everytime I hear it I sing all day long!!! It’s just one of those songs that gets stuck in your head! You have a great blog! I will be back!! Have a great weekend!


  6. Thanks for the comment! When you said baby it brought tears to my eyes. LOL I think I am emotional wreck!
    I am all the way ALABAMA ROLL TIDE Fan. My daughter was brain washed at a very young age to war eagle. Not by Joey(husband) he doesn’t like football. How being raised in the south and not to like football is amazing to me. So, when asked which team he choses he says “I am a JESUS fan”. He gets strange looks sometimes. LOL
    But, I think she is coming around….She is going to the best University in the fall to ALABAMA!! I am so excited!! She has always wanted to go to Auburn you know that little school south of Montgomery??? But, has decided Alabama has what she needs for career choice and really loves the campus. She is even buying hounds tooth clothing. I just love it!
    I bet before the first game she will be yelling ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!

  7. Oh, this was great, really good!

    Thanks Mel for sharing this!

    Have a blessed weekend☻

  8. Oh no Darlene…did you just put Roll Tide on my blog?!?!? Shh…don’t anyone tell my hubby…he is a tried and true Orange and Blue AUBURN man!

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’ve been checking yours out for awhile now. I LOVE this Barlow Girls song. My kids and I jam to it in the car! And we get loud, too. 🙂

  10. Thank you for posting this. After hearing and watching the video I immediately thought of a blogger who would be encouraged by this so I gave her the link. Thanks.


  11. First time I heard this song. It’s been me this whole week!!! I’ve cried out several times…. I need you to love me, hold me….I need to just rest in your safe, trusting arms….

    Thank you Mel

  12. I haven’t heard this song before, but how it touches my heart to the core. What a huge God we serve, huh?

  13. What a beautiful voice and a beautiful message. It’s amazing that Jesus would love me so much.

  14. Love it!!! Thanks for sharing and for By His Grace.

    Are you in Alabama? I see that you have Auburn fans in your home. We used to live in Dothan.


  15. Hey again. I noticed it was Florida when I went back and read your profile. Duh! We’ve lived there too. My husband grew up in Pensacola and I was born in PC.


  16. I agree that music is important. I once had an argument with my daughter about music being its own form of praise and worship. She agreed but thought it was funny that I said if my church music group went in a direction I didn’t like I would change churches (not real serious because I love my church but hate change) and she said you can’t just change churches because of the music, it’s not about the music and I said I disagree the music is as important as the sermon. Then I was watching a show with one of the people from Hillsong and he said if he could skip the preaching and just sing all day at church he would (the people in charge were not too happy with this comment, but I somewhat agree.) Anyway we know how important Psalms was and is so that says it all for me. So obviously praise music holds a special place in my heart. I feel like it is praying to Jesus when I sing. No holds bared.

    PS Barlow girls are awesome.

  17. I love Barlow Girl, my fave of theirs is Never Alone. That song has been my anthum from time to time.
    Thanks for sharing!

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