Week 5 – You Matter More Than You Think

Web of Connection (Chapter 10) and
Playing Games (Chapter 11)

For those of you who are reading along with us I have to say THANKS!!!! This book is a great reminder for us to stop taking what we do for granted and to start realizing that the things we do each and every day (big or small) really do make a difference.

I know it is the end of the year, there are graduations, parties, etc. and I know that in this season there are many things that come first, but again I just want to emphasize just how important it is to take care of YOU too!

You really do make a difference in this world, and believe me ladies, YOU MATTER MORE THAN YOU THINK!

Let’s hit the “highlights”…

Web of Connection (Chapter 10)
Page 118 – “In this chapter, I want to show you that the difference we make as women is also influenced by the fact that we, unlike men, value intimacy over independence. And just as men are threatened by a challenge to their independence, so are we threatened by a rupture in our relationships.

“Woman – last at the cross, and earliest at the grave.” ~E.S. Barrett

Page 124 – “I want to make sure you see the importance and relevance to your life of a web of connectedness – and how this contributes to the difference you make as a woman. Let’s take a common example from the business world; running a meeting. As women, we would be more likely than most men to measure the success of a meeting not only by the content we covered on the agenda but by the relational process in which it occurred. We are more likely to ask question such as: Was everyone included? Were people’s contributions valued? Did I pick up on concerns or hesitancies that may not have even been voiced, and did I make these topics a part of the discussion?”

Page 126 – In short, you matter more than you think when you are true to yourself as a woman, when you are being who God created you to be. That, very simply, makes a difference.

1) Do you agree that, in general, when compared to men, we value intimacy over independence?
2) If so, how do you see this coming through in your own life when you compare yourself to the men you know?
3) Do you believe that one is too small a number to achieve greatness? Why or why not? When has a “me” been turned into a “we” for you?

Playing Games (Chapter 11)
Page 130 – “Think back to your childhood. What games did you enjoy most as a girl? Playing house with your friends? Jumping rope? Playing hopscotch? Dressing your dolls? Even if you grew up in the same neighborhood, on the same block, or in the same house, girls and boys grow up in different worlds. Little girls play together in small, intimate groups, often indoors, one-on-one, with an emphasis on minimizing hostility and maximizing cooperation. Everyone gets a turn and no winner or loser is necessarily declared.”

Page 133 – “Of course, we’re talking in broad brushstrokes again. Not all women fall into this mode all the time. And it’s not that one mode is necessarily better than the other; they both have their strengths and weaknesses. But when it comes to making an impact in our world, our cooperative spirit can be a significant asset.”

Page 134 – “Allow me to recap. Two of the most salient qualities women inherently carry for making a difference are…
Valuing intimacy over independence
Emphasizing cooperation over competition.
Unfortunately, on the road to making a difference, each of these positive, feminine qualities can have a downside. They have an inherent potential weakness that we’ll take a look at next.”

1) Do you agree, that, in general, when compared to men, we emphasize cooperation over competition? Does this ring true for you, in comparison to men? Again, think of specific examples of how this tendency is revealed in your own life.
2) Recall a time when you “teamed up” with another woman on a common goal? How did it help or hinder your personal efforts?

Thankful to be connected,