Then Sings My Soul 5/31/08

Each and every week I find myself looking forward to Then Sings My Soul Saturday’s with my friend Amy. If you haven’t been over there click here to go over and see what everyone else is listening to this weekend!

For me I was actually stumped as to which ONE song would be the song of the week for me. I had a couple of my really amazing favorites rolling around in my head, but then right at the last minute I remembered STRONG TOWER, by Kutless, and once I watched the video I knew that this was the song for my soul this week! Enjoy!

Hanging on to the Strong Tower,


  1. Oh yes, this is a GREAT song!!!

    Hope you are having a great weekend Mel.

    I’ll have to come back tomorrow and check out your Speak to My Soul Sunday. Just noticed your meme.


  2. Love this song…when it comes on in the car other drivers think I’m crazy for sure! I can’t get any of the Christian stations in my house so I have to rely on my car for some good rockin’ worship.

  3. I understand. This is the meme that I look forward to each week. What a wonderful variety of God honoring music. We can always rely on our Strong Tower, even when every one else fails us.

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