Summer Giveaways in Mel’s World

Summer is HERE in Mel’s World and well, I am just too stinkin’ excited!!! This is my first summer back as a Work at Home Mom (after 5 years of working at church) and I can’t wait to spend the hours hanging out with my boys, getting to know them as young men, getting them ready for the next school year (my oldest goes to HIGH SCHOOL next year…eek!!!), and spending a ton of great quality family time.

As you may or may not know I am working from home these days doing internet marketing for my own travel company (Money4Vacation). I have designed a blog called, Mel’s World Travel Biz, to share with you all tons of information about having your own home based business, the tax benefits, money saving tips on your travel, and information about the company I am working with (YTB, Inc.). To launch my business blog re-design (thanks Revka at RS Designs) and celebrate the Summer of 2008 I am hosting a three month give away. (Here’s where the crowd goes W-I-L-D!)

So…to celebrate summer with me here’s what you need to do if you want to play along with us…

Each and every month I will post the Giveaway for that month. You can make extra opportunities to be in the give away by doing the following:

1) Make a comment on the Giveaway post.
… I LOVE comments from my bloggy buddies!

2) Add the “Speak to My Soul Sunday” button up on your blog and add another comment to the post mentioning you put this button up.

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3) Add the Mel’s World Travel Tips & Ideas button up on your blog and add another comment to the post mentioning you put this button up.

4) Add the Mel’s World Travel Biz button up on your blog and add another comment to the post mentioning you put this button up.

(All of the Buttons can be picked up on the side bar here in Mel’s World)
WOW…instead of one comment per person you have the opportunity to put your name in the hat four times…and yes, if you put all the buttons up in June, they WILL count for July and August as well. (I thought you might ask…*wink wink*)

Here are the prizes that are a part of the Summer Giveaway here in Mel’s World!

June 2008
(Comment from June 9 – 19th – Drawing on the 19th)
Prize – Book (If Mama Ain’t Happy…Ain’t Nobody Happy), Journal, Pretty Pen, Note Card, and Success from Home Business Magazine.

(see below)

July 2008
(Comment from July 1 – 15th – Drawing on the 15th)
Prize – Philippians 4:7 Note pad/Pen set with $5 Starbuck’s Card
(see below)

August 2008
(Comment from August 1 – 15th – Drawing on the 15th)
Prize – Philippians 4:13 Bracelet and $5 Starbuck’s Card
(see below)

Keep in mind at any time I might “add” another prize or two to any of these prize packages. I love the SUMMER and love working at home, so who knows, this could be a Summer to Remember for you too!

So, start today…the June Giveaway is being drawn on Thursday, June 19th at 5pm (EST).

Happy Summer 2008,


  1. The 19th is my baby girls birthday she will be 2 where has the time gone…
    I was going to peek at phillipans 4:7 (Note cards) I came upon ( I should say I was guided) Galatians 6 1-3. It jumped out to me and I feel I was lead to read it. I have been struggling hard with my oldest son and this made so much sense to me, I dont think I realied I was being so “prideful” now that my eyes have been opened to it I can work on it. Thank you for your post…
    Gas at one of the corner stores was 4.75 and that was a few days ago…

  2. Mel, I have put up one of the travel buttons, but when I try to up the other, it shows up as the same one I already have up. You might wanna look at that, or give me step by step directions if it is working right for you! LOL

  3. Lisa…did you say $4.75??? YIKES!

    ChristiS…I will have my friend and techie chick check it out for me, thanks!

    MamaGeek…you NEVER know…I AM in the travel business, ANYTHING is possible!!! (wink wink)

    Ladies…Help me get the word out…thanks! 😉

  4. Mel – thanks for stopping by and the kind words about my place! I love GG too and it really helped me learn how to play the game! And, that’s why shopping is fun because it’s like a game…a game of how much we can save!!! I wish you much success in your savings each week, and with this giveaway and your new ventures! Please enter me!! I’ll see ya on Saturday for sure (if not sooner) 🙂

  5. Enter me, please. Your “Speak to My Soul Sunday” button is on my blog (has been for a couple of months). Do I win? ;-D

  6. I’m a bit confused as to whether or not I should leave this comment, but since you are a nice forgiver, I’ll go for it!
    I already posted the Mel’s World Travel Tips & Ideas button up on my blog and left you a comment, but since this is July, I’m leaving another comment to remind you!

  7. Phil. 4:7 has been one of my favorites since I did a group study on Philippians, and I *heart* Starbucks, so yes, please, enter me! Thanks so much!

  8. can I go on the vaca all by myself with no hubby or kids or dogs….time share scared me, we had 2, we have one now and the funny thing is we have NEVER used them….

  9. The bracelet is amazing. i never actually realized how many people love Phil 4:13. It was my mother’s favorite, and her strength until God brought her home.

  10. Great giveaway! Good luck to all your entrants. I am queenesperfect at

  11. Oh Mel. I am so glad I found you at Sings my soul.
    I would love to win this bracelet. And I really want to come and visit you again and read your wonderful blog.
    Please enter my name. I’ll also check out your Speaks to me Sunday meme it sounds great.
    Phil. 4:13 is a very special verse to me and also special to one of my favorite people.
    I would love to win this it. Thanks for offering.
    I hope you have a Blessed weekend.

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