1. You spend only 5-10 hours a week blogging? Oh my goodness! I’m even more addicted to blogging than I thought, because I think I spend much more time than that on this computer.

  2. I’m baaaack. WOW, thank you for even mentioning me Mel! You ROCK, I loved that interview. Well done!

  3. Wow! Congratulations Girl! How exciting. You did a great job. And how sweet of you to mention me. Thanks so much.

    You go girl!


  4. Hey Mel,
    You did an awesome job.

    Thank you for showing me love. You are very sweet.

  5. Pretty cool! You even answered something for me about blogging ediquate(?) spelled wrong I know!

  6. That is so cool!! Yup you are a cool chick. . . um can I have your autograph??

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